Day 2 Training - Your Practice!

Your Practice!

Create A Meditation Space This Week

Be mindful of your meditation space.  Does it create a sense of calm and peace?  Does it allow for the body and mind to relax?  

Here are a few examples of meditation spaces.

I love to meditate by water!   

I meditate anywhere!   

And as you can see, my meditation space is clear.  There is nothing in my space as I can generally feel the energies of things around me… I like my meditation space to be wide open and free of anything.  

This week, create a space that fits you. Add candles or lights, create an altar of feathers, crystals, favorite objects, statues. Make sure the body is comfortable and your space appeals to your senses. Do what feels good. 


Your meditation space can be as simple or complex as you want it to be - keep in mind that it must have the ability to relax the body and mind.