Day 1 Training - Let’s Begin Your Journey!


Meditation Course Session 1 

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Create A Practice

Our first week, Days 1-7, is all about creating a practice.  Being dedicated and diligent to oneself is vital for your journey.  


Because putting yourself first is the only thing that is important for your awakening.  You cannot serve your family, friends, your career, the world without a really amazing practice that relaxes the body and opens the mind.  Without this vital factor, you will just continue to flop around from one bright shiny object to another.  

To get you started on creating a practice, there are several things to consider.  

How Much Time Do You Want to Dedicate to Yourself? 

I dedicate an hour to myself every day.  My current practice involves meditation, writing/journaling, exercise, learning something new every day, creating intentions for life and business.  

Those are my must-haves - I do not skip on my meditation.  I may skip in the other areas depending upon my schedule, but I never skip on my meditation.  And my meditation may change from day to day. I don't have strict rules around my meditation, but I do try to keep it consistent.  

What Kind of Space Offers You the Quiet Creative Energy You Need for Yourself?  

I meditate in the same place daily.  Only because the body knows its routine there.  When I sit on my chair, the body knows what to do, the mind knows what to do and moving into a meditative space is simple. 

How Often Will You Allow Yourself the Space and Time?

This is a big one!  Even though I meditate every day, in the beginning finding the time every day is generally the issue.  Because the body and mind has to find a new way of being, it will try to distract you from doing it often.  You have to train the body and mind to relax.  

Present Moment Awareness

The present moment is the rise and fall of awareness.  We want to believe that the present moment is each moment in time but that is not really what presence means. 

We tend to worship the tick-tock of time like it is the ruler of who we are.  Once you identify with this factor, you judge your life as it passes in seconds, minutes and hours.  This is how you fall into the trap of patterns like a mechanical machine, just following the ruler of space which is time.  

In order to break free of the limitation of time, you must become aware.  The Now, it becomes a presence rather than a time on a clock. Being present is the experience of being here in this moment.

To break free from time, you must be very aware of your mental activity.  As a humanity, we place value in our thoughts, sensations and emotions. We have a tendency to stop and think about our thoughts, our emotions, our sensations.  In order to break out of this pattern of stopping time, you have to become a witness to the experience. Witness your day as it passes through time.

So, how often will you commit to your practice?  To being in the here and now?