Future Conscious Leader, my name is Angela Blaha and I am super excited that you are here with me in the Conscious Apprenticeship. 

You are here because I know you have heard the Calling to lead, support and go beyond the human.  Thank you so much for joining the Conscious Leaders of the World.

Starting right now I will take you beyond your layers, beyond your limitations to a committed journey in thriving.  We are beyond the times of surviving as a human consciousness. Surviving no longer serves who you are.  

This is an in-depth experience of embodying intelligence, using your natural abilities, and most importantly, developing your meta-human powers.  This apprenticeship creates a massive impact in your life, your business, your relationships, your health and your wealth. You know, all the “things that matter”!

Now, let me introduce myself for those of you who don’t know who I am. I am a Consciousness Leader and have been shifting consciousness professionally for about 10 years now.  My whole life, I have changed the ways people think, how they act, how they feel, and what they believe in. The floodgates opened back in 2014 when I became a Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor with The Chopra Center.  You know Deepak Chopra - and life has been on fire since! My true mission and purpose of being a bridge and creator of consciousness was revealed then and it just continues to expand each day.

This is what I want for you!  To thrive in your evolution!

It's my purpose to support and guide you to become your dreams and desires, to embody the skills, the aspects and the wisdom of who you really are. Because it’s not just okay to dream about thriving, it is your right to make it a reality, to take your divine role as the conscious leader you really are. 

Can Anyone Be The Leader Of Conscious Evolution?

Yes, Absolutely. I have mentored people like Dr. C, an oncologist who taught her dying clients that they had options with their health, that they could allow the cancer to make decisions for them or that they could make decisions about their life. Many of them chose to live, reversing the disease that was the true culprit.  

I love being conscious, the state of being aware of everything. A state of being so connected that I can’t wait to wake up in the morning so I can dive deeper into the unknown, the unseen and the intangibles that my field of pure potentiality has to offer. I want you to experience and embody this, too. 

In terms of applying awareness to your life, all it takes is a willingness to step into your full power and dominion, to be able to dive deeper into your emotional intelligence, to show up and be consciously responsible for your evolution.  

But, don't worry, I am here to help you every step of the way.  You will not do this alone!

Here Is How The Apprenticeship Works  

This is a 3-month commitment with weekly modules to create a foundation for easy transformation to happen.  

  • There are links to the courses.
  • There are daily meditation links and journal prompts to help you deepen and expand the meditation.
  • Each day has a section called Exploring Consciousness where we explore and release from old beliefs so that we shift into more expanded versions of our being.  
  • There are also PDFs along the way containing a ton of information! These are created to give the mind some reference points or bits of information to grab onto. For example, one of the first PDFs is called Awakening and Ascension; it talks about stages of awakening, scientific facts and some psychology.   
  • There are also bonuses like The Chakras that you will find in this Welcome section.  

There are lots of great tools, processes, ideas and concepts to help you with your conscious ascension journey.

So, are you excited?

Creating A Daily Practice

The first thing I want to mention is your pace…this is designed to become your daily practice.  In working with thousands of clients, I found this is the hardest step, the one thing that most of us seem to resist.  The evidence is clear as to why this is. It is because you actually become the powerful and empowered being you came here to be and the ego believes it has no room at the inn.  So the ego will create many distractions in your life to prevent you from being a practice.  

After all, that’s really what this life is - a practice.  A series of adventures, fun, intellectual growth, soul expansion...either a practice of what works and catapults you into alignment or a practice of repeating your old patterns.  You will find these old repeating patterns have never worked; they just became your default.  

Each daily meditation and experience builds upon the day before it.  However, if it seems like it is too much, you can skip some things. But I encourage you never to skip the meditation or journal prompts!  These two things are the key to your evolution!

Commit To You...And The World, The Universe

Your results will come from you; I can only guide you and give you information.  I can overload your mind and release you from your emotions, the one thing I cannot do -  and I know this is a big ask, I want you to commit to your ascension.   

I want you to commit, commit to YOU!

I need more Conscious Leaders...heck, the world and the universe needs you!  I'm not putting pressure on you, but you heard the call and now you are answering it.  You know you are here to fulfill your purpose and mission, and you are drawn to this Conscious Apprenticeship because it is aligned with you.  

The way I want you to commit is to do this.  In the Comments section below, right below this video, I want you to share that you are committed.  I want to know... Why did you answer the call? What is your highest purpose?  

You are not here alone!  We are doing this together.

Now it’s time to continue on to the first module. I will see you there.